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The Niece

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Sometimes it's hard to choose between experience and youth.

I was thrilled when an Asian massage clinic opened up in the small cluster of shops where we rented an upstairs office for our small IT company.

My two colleagues Matt and Rob were equally as depraved as I was, but while they were drawn to the constant procession of new pretty young things, I was fascinated by the elusive, even aloof, more mature-age manager Iris. Over time I found that she was from Malaysia, was divorced and single, but additional information was hard to extract. I often asked her for a massage, but her polite response was always, "Darling, you know I'm retired, these girls also have big boobs, they look after you". And they did, but it was usually Iris I was thinking of when one of her eager girls was stroking me to a climax. Such a tease, she made no attempt to disguise her stunning figure in a tight clinical uniform, much like a nurse. I suspect this was to give the place an air of respectability as 'the council' was a constant threat of impediment to the rivers of gold to be eased from the pockets of horny men.

One weekend I was working and temptation got the better of me so I snuck down hoping she'd be there alone, but she wasn't there. Instead, a younger version with the same jet black hair, short hair style and remote manner was on reception. "Is Iris in today" I asked as she took me to the waiting room? "Iris not in today, please take a seat" was the curt reply as she disappeared and the girls presented themselves. "WOW, maybe I'll get lucky with mini-me" I thought to myself as the girls presented themselves in the lineup. When the receptionist returned I said that none of the girls took my fancy, but was she available? She gave a practiced evasive response; "Trudy has a booking at 2 so you can only see her for 30 minutes, but Rose and Angel are available". In my typical butterfly style I picked the new girl Rose, but now I was fantasising about the apparently unobtainable weekend receptionist. I plastered an extra large load over Rose's boobs to her dismay, she had no idea it was her receptionist I was thinking about as I blew my load!

When I next visited mid-week and got to chat with Iris, she briefly explained that the weekend receptionist was her niece. "So she's off limits?" I asked with a laugh. Iris fixed me with a cold stare and said slowly "Yes. Tina is off limits". Hmmm, now I had her name, "game on" I thought to myself. "That explains why they look alike".

I let it go for a few weeks, but dropped in one weekend early when I figured they wouldn't be so busy and Tina might have time to talk. I took in a really small bunch of flowers, and told her I'd picked them from my own garden. This was just the ice-breaker I needed and she sat down in the waiting room with me rather than calling the girls straight away. "Iris tells me you're her niece" I said, fishing for more information. "Oh, she calls everybody her niece" said Tina. "She knows my mother from KL so when I wanted to come to Sydney she agreed to look after me." 'But you look so much alike" I said. "You must be related". That seemed to stump her, but she recovered and said she thought Iris was very beautiful, so she simply adopted the same hairstyle.

Well, the information they weren't related reduced my fantasy of doing aunty and her niece, but it didn't stop me wanting her. Today she was wearing a loose-knit t-shirt and tight denim shorts and looked hot - she caught me perving at her tits and abruptly got up and left, calling the girls in. Again I was frustrated, and more than once called the masseuse Tina. I was now horny beyond my normal animal lust, and negotiated with the girl not only for nude massage, but for an extra tip to let me feel her up. As I was sucking on her extended nipples and alternating between two and three fingers exploring her moistening snatch, my eyes were closed fantasising it was Tina in my arms. I was becoming obsessed.

"Thank you for the flowers". Tina had been missing as I was leaving, but she called out from the end of the hallway. I went back down to see her, meeting her halfway. "I know you caught me looking at you - I'm sorry I was disrespectful" I said, feigning as much contrition as I could. The truth was I'd already put my sunnies on and I was staring at her tits already. "I understand" she said. "I trust our girls do a good job of releasing all that tension. You know we love to see you", then she spun around and went back down the hall, presumably to wash the splooge off the linen for the next lot of horny desperates like me.

I decided to discuss it with one of my colleagues after work at the pub the following week, and he laughed at me. "Mate - they have you fooled" he said. "Tina isn't Iris' niece" he said, "Tina is her daughter. Isn't it obvious". Well, the similarities had obviously occurred to me, but I'd taken them at their word. How did he know? "I overheard two of the girls sniping about the stuck-up bitch on weekend reception" he said, "then one of them said "Don't speak like that in front of Iris, you know it's really her daughter don't you". "The other girl obviously didn't because she covered her mouth and said 'no way' ".

He then added "If you do get into her pants you won't be the first. I read a review where some guy boasted in some detail about how he'd slayed the ice maiden, including a close-up look at her tattooo". "Where is it?" I asked. "Let's put it this way" he said. "If she was wearing a G-string, it would be barely covered".

This was excellent news. I tried to be nonchalant in front of my colleague, keeping up my bravado, but now I was a quivering wreck. Why is she servicing other guys but not me? I was determined to see that tattoo too! No wonder Iris was so adamant her 'niece' was off limits!

Again, I played it cool and waited a few weeks before going in on a wet Saturday afternoon, the day of the football grand final. I knew they wouldn't be busy, and it would give me a better chance to have a chat. Tina was there, looking so fucking hot in her regulation t-shirt, and some cut-off shorts that were a size or two too big, making them look like a skirt. As it turns out one girl had called in sick, the other girl had just taken a booking, and Tina was pleased for some company. "It's been so quiet today" she bemoaned. "I've been here since 9:30 and he is our first customer" she said, flicking her head in the direction of the next room. "Mum will think I'm not " then she stopped herself. "Iris will think I'm not looking after the customers", but she knew the cat was out of the bag.

"Your 'mum' would probably appreciate an extra customer wouldn't she?" I asked leadingly. "I don't do massage" she said, "you'll have to wait until Sheila is free. "Oh come on, I'm dying to see your tattoo" I said teasingly. "I don't have a tattoo" she said sharply,"and I'm not showing it to you". Her self-contradiction had her in a flap, and the ice-queen was melting. I sensed my chance and took it. "Maybe your mother can tell me about it then" I said, and got up to leave.

"Wait". She knew I had the upper hand, and she had to back-peddle. "Look, if I give you a massage, you can't tell her, and you can't go writing reviews about me, ok?"

"OK" I said, as my hard-on started becoming evident in my trousers. "No extras" she said, "just massage". "OK" I said again, "I'll knock the top off myself when I get home".

She left me to undress and I stripped off, laying starkers on the table rocking myself back and forward to rub my hard cock against the towel. I was so aroused at the thought I'd cracked her resolve I was sure I would blow without even being touched.

Tina came back into the room and immediately placed a towel over my ass, the professional sending me a signal she'd be good to her word. She asked the usual hard, medium or soft question, and I replied that my shoulders were always tight from being hunched over the computer, so she stood at my head and leant over me. The thought that that tattoo was now rubbing against the top of my head was driving my sexual frustration higher, together with the fact her bare legs were brushing against my hands I'd deliberately left dangling over the top of the table. She didn't move my hands down by my side as some girls do to avoid getting felt up in that situation, so I bravely reached out and stroked her leg. Again she didn't flinch or comment, so I went further, slipping my hands under her shorts to cradle her ass cheeks. Again no reaction, but I sensed her pushing her pussy against my head. My erection was making my hips squirm, and similarly she must have been enjoying my fondling as she could easily have moved away. I took the lead and reached my hands as far as they could go inside her shorts, reaching around under her panties towards her pussy.

By now it was obvious she was ok with it, so I took my hands away, leant up on my elbows so my head was adjacent to her breasts, and nuzzled them. She cradled my head in this awkward position until I sat up, pulled her around the table, and deftly removed her t-shirt and bra and starting teasing her nipples gently, while she grabbed my cock and stroked it. "Do you want me inside you?" I asked, whispering in her ear after sliding my tongue up her neck. She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either, so I undid her shorts and spun her around with her back to me so I could cup her breasts with one hand while caressing her inner thighs. She tilted her head back and kissed me, signalling it was ok to keep going.

One hand caressing her breast, another sliding between her pussy lips and my cock between the cheeks of her ass and she was melting as much as I was. Do you have a condom she asked matter of factly, as though asking for a cup of water. "Yes" I replied, trying to remain cool and confident but secretly trying desperately not to fuck this up. She left me to put it on myself while she leant over the bed, spread her legs apart and reached between to grab and guide me into the honey pot. I leant in close to her, cradling her breasts with my hand and forearm then felt her reach down between her legs and mine and starting fingering my ass. "Fuck. Me." I gasped as her snatch gripped me tighter. For some reason she seemed to want to bring this to a climax very quickly, much more quickly than I did. I tried to hold on but I was beyond the point of no return, I'd probably been fucking her for only a few minutes and I was on the verge of coming. It was too late to pull out and cool down so I just rammed her pussy that much harder to make the most of it. I ejaculated, filling the condom then withdrawing relatively quickly lest the baby batter leak past my diminished cock and into her gaping pussy.

"Why so quick" I asked when I'd gathered my breath and laying on the cramped massage table with her.
"Mum is coming in any minute" she said, "she never stops talking about you, so I thought you might want to do both of us on the same day". "You'd have had no chance if she caught you fucking me".


To be continued.....