Sydney Erotic Pleasures for Gentlemen

The Discrete Masseuse - LiLi

An erotic interview with a Chinese masseuse working in fear of disclosure.

LiLi is a 24 year old Chinese masseuse managing to keep her job a secret from her family.

Interviewer: Thanks for talking to us LiLi. Is your name like Lilly or LeeLee?
LiLi: Thanks for asking. I prefer like LeeLee.

I: Tell us about how you got started in massage.
L: I had an Aussie boyfriend who was cheating on me at massage parlours, I found out because a girl I knew who worked there had seen him a few times. I had no knowledge of them before that, and I talked to her about it and it sounded exciting, and a good way to have some private revenge against him. So for a few months, I was still seeing him while I was jerking off multiple men behind his back. It felt good to do that, but after a while I decided I didn't want a boyfriend any more, I had hundreds!

I: Has it ever gone beyond just jerking guys off?
L: Wow! You hit the big question early!

I: So?
L: We are not supposed to of course, but sometimes there is a regular customer who you have a great rapport with and they basically then ask for sex every time you see them. Eventually you think to yourself 'why the fuck not?'. You pocket the money, kneel on the table, and let him do all the work!

I: You like the kneeling position?
L: Oh yes, it gives the best penetration. But I'm also happy on my back with my legs in the air watching the guy's expression.

I: Have you done more than one guy on one day?
L: It's actually quite rare that I have sex with a customer. As it's against the rules I try to be good. But it probably happens once or twice a month. But one day the planets aligned and I had three regulars all wanting me.

I: And?
L: The first one wasn't out of the ordinary. When the second guy asked I had to think about it, I felt like a bit of a slut letting two guys do me, but I had got into the routine of fucking this customer whenever he came, so I couldn't really turn him down. But I felt a bit uncomfortable. Then two hours later while I was still wondering whether I'd become a bad girl, another regular turned up with a gleam in his eye, and I knew my fate. Bad girl!

I: Which one did you enjoy the most?
L: Definitely the last one. I had resolved in my mind that I had now crossed the line from 'masseuse who looks after her friends' to 'harlot who has no limits'. So I let my hair down so to speak for the third guy, telling him how horny I was and that I needed him to look after my needs before I'd let him come. So he booked a 90 minute session to give us time. He actually gave me a very erotic massage first, fingering me to an orgasm, then when I'd caught my breath, I found him moving into the 69 position on top of me. His pussy-eating skills were superb and I came again with a shuddering climax that had my belly pulsing for minutes. We had a break for 5 minutes just cuddling then I told him he deserved whatever he wanted. Next thing I know he is lubing up my ass and before I had time to say 'NO', he was inching it inside me and with my newly found inner slut enjoying it, I just relaxed and let him plunge in.

I: How was it?
L: It was like losing my virginity again, but with the experience of knowing more about my body.

I: What does that mean?
L: I loved it. Really loved it. So much so that I went home that night and fucked my ass with my vibrator, and came yet again.

I: So do other boys get to give you anal now?
L: Absolutely, I've become a lot less inhibited now at parties. I used to look down my nose at girls who would pick up, but now I'm going to parties with the intent on getting laid, and offering my ass for play!

I: So the inner slut is alive and well?
L: Oh yes. One of my customers told me the sad truth that sexual opportunities for older women are hard to come by, and that if i don't want to die with sexual frustration I need to get as much sex as I can when I can. Now, he was trying to get into my pants, so he had self interest talking, but I see his point.

I: Did he get into your pants?
L: Eventually? Yes!

I: Now you do have some anxiety about your job don't you.
L: Yes. It's a small world and many girls tell me that eventually a customer will walk in and we will recognise each other, or maybe I will recognise him and not know if he recognises me, or vice versa.

I: So, what's the problem? He probably has as much to lose as you do.
L: If we recognise each other, maybe yes. But if I don't even notice or see him, and he recognises me, it could get back to my family.

I: They don't know you work in massage?
L: Of course not.

I: Do they live in Sydney?
L: No, they live in Guangzhou, but word travels fast. If they found out, I'm in a lot of trouble.

I: So what can you do about that?
L: Not much at all. But I worry about it a lot. I'm thinking of moving into escorting as I can earn a lot more money and see a lot fewer men. But it's very competitive, and many girls are not afraid to show their face in their advertising; I cant do that. Also, I'm told that many men expect to have sex bare-back, they want kinky stuff like CIM and B&D. I'm not into that at all.

I: So what have you decided?
L: I haven't! If we meet up again, I may have an answer for you then!

I: Thankyou LiLi, it's been great of you to take the time to share this with us.