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The Horny Tenant

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A little more than a few dollars on the side

After a few years of marriage the romance had faded and with two young children, my wife was only working part-time. This was stretching the finances, so we decided to rent out a room to make a few bucks. Being well out of the city however, demand was low and we had very few enquiries, and had started to think all the work in painting and styling the guest room was in vain.

We had just started thinking about alternative sources of income when Melanie popped up. She was a  first year student up from Melbourne and had family in the area, but wanted her independence. Shapely and pretty, I was sure my wife would be dead against having such a girl in the house, but as there were few times I'd be alone in the house with the tenant, she went along with it and Melanie moved in.

It was soon clear why she needed some space from the family - she was bringing home a new guy every weekend!

I'd often fantasise about her on the few occasions when the missus and I would have sex, I would time it for when Melanie had come home with some new bloke. I was hence able to imagine that, as she was likely on her back at that very time, it was me not some random she was porking. That managed to get me over the edge with my increasingly distant wife.

One weekend, the wife went away on the Friday night with her tennis girls, leaving me alone with the kids. Melanie had come home late as usual and by the sound of footsteps on the stair I knew she had company. There was no sign of him the next morning, but Melanie was hovering around more than normal, doing her washing, hanging it out, engaging with my kids, asking if I needed help with anything, whereas she usually kept pretty much to herself.

She was hovering around the kitchen when I was making lunch for the kids, so I asked her if she wanted to join us, she said she'd love to. It was just some jaffles but she really enjoyed them as she seemed to exist on a diet of takeaway and frozen meals - she rarely cooked.

"Can I ask you something" she seemed to blurt out in a hurry. "Sure I said, what's up?"

She indicated not in front of the kids, so I said "OK, after lunch I'll get the kids occupied".

After lunch I setup a movie for the kids and we went to the study where we could close the door and not be heard.

"I have something awkward to ask" she said. "Yeah, OK" I said, my curiosity starting to be aroused

"Well, you know I bring guys back here sometimes, you know, for a 'Coffee'".

"Yeah, no problem" I replied. "I'm envious of the amount of action you're getting to be honest" I blurted out. "You're young and pretty, you should get amongst it while you can, as long as you know what you're doing" I said, my fatherly instincts kicking in.

"That's the problem" she said. "I don't feel that I DO know what I'm doing".

"Well", I said, "tell me what's happening".

She proceeded to tell me that she would meet a guy she was attracted to at a party or the pub, and they'd suggest 'a coffee' and go back to his place or hers / ours, they'd have sex, and she'd never hear from them again.

"Maybe", I said, "You are giving it up too easily. Once they've bedded you, the challenge is gone. They just move on. Maybe you need to be a little more elusive".

She thought for a moment, and replied. "No, I think it's the way I do sex. I think I'm bad at it".

Other than her being a starfish, or having a huge loose snatch, I couldn't imagine a girl with her figure not being a great root. "What makes you think that?" I asked.

"Well, sex just hurts so much, I find it impossible to go through with it. And guys just leave".

I figured that she must have had a really tight snatch, not common I thought, but not impossible either. But I didn't know what I could do other than suggest she see a doctor.

"No, I'm too embarassed to see a doctor about it" she said. "This is the doctor who sees all my relatives. I'm afraid they would blab to my family. I need you to help me. PLEASE" she pleaded.

"What can I do?" I said. "I'm no doctor".

"But you're not inexperienced like me and these guys. You know what to do. Can you just look at it for me?"

"What, look at your vagina? Really? I said.

"No, not my vagina. Why would I want you to do that? I want you to look at my anus".

I was perplexed. What was she doing I wondered.

"Why do I need to look at your anus? Are you having trouble with anal sex? I asked.

"No, not anal sex, just sex" she said, getting emotional.

"So vaginal sex is ok?" I asked. "Is it just anal sex where you have trouble?"


 She looked at me as if I was an alien.

"What do you mean vaginal sex? Who does that?" she said, that's weird.

I took a moment to digest what she had just said, wondering if she was kidding me, but she was serious. She thought that anal sex was 'sex'.

I took a moment and a deep breath. "Sex", I began "means penis in vagina. That's the normal way to have sex. Some people do anal as well, but not everybody. For the very reason you've found, it can be uncomfortable".

She looked at me again in a weird way and clearly the cogs were turning over in her mind.

"You mean I've been trying to do it wrong? Insisting on guys doing my ass? Really? REALLY?"

It took a while but it seemed that circumstances had conspired to cripple the poor girl's sexual education. Her deeply religious parents had forbidden that she attend sex education at school, but had failed to substitute it with anything at home. Then a well-meaning but deluded aunt had told her that anal sex was a way to avoid pregnancy and losing her virginity, having no idea that the poor girl didn't know that vaginal sex was a thing at all! So here she was, 19 and horny, a queue of possible lovers waiting to get into her pants, and she was insisting on them taking her ass.

"Sweetheart, you have a vagina that was made to perfectly fit the erect penis, and if you lay back, a man will slide into your little piece of heaven and you won't look back".

She looked at me with that far away look again and said "Will you show me how? Now? Please? I want to know what it's like".

"I'll go check that the kids are occupied. Meet you in your room in 5 minutes. Do you have a condom?"

She nodded excitedly and after ensuring that the children would be engrossed by the telly for the next 30 minutes at least I went to Melanie's room and found her under the blankets. I quickly undressed and slid in next to her, she was naked and glorious. Her sizeable breasts were lovely to touch, and her nipples were already firming up. I couldn't resist sucking them, and slipped my finger down her slit to find she was already moist. I slipped my finger into her gash just a little, planning on breaking her hymen with my cock not my fingers. She instinctively parted her legs and pulled me on top of her, and with the condom in place, I gently inched my hard-on inside her virgin pussy.

"Take me gently" she pleaded. "I want to savour this moment".

I did as she asked, but distracted by her pouting breasts that were so firm they maintained their shape even with her on her back. I kissed and fondled them, then returned to pushing my cock inside her. Still mesmerised by her stunning tits, I didn't realise that I'd actually fully penetrated her without feeling any resistance. I looked at her quizzically and she gave me a little smile.

"Is it hurting?" I asked?

"No, it's just wonderful, now how about giving me a good pounding" she whispered, with a little wink.

There should be some blood I thought, and pulled out and had a look. No blood. No hymen. What's going on I thought?

Then it dawned on me. "You aren't a virgin at all, are you? I laughed.

"No" she replied. "Just a horny girl who wanted a man twice her age before she got too old". Now fuck me!

And so I did. And every time my wife left Melanie and I alone for 10 minutes, she'd whip her panties off, slip on my condom and present that virgin pussy for me to plunder again.